Haunted Hotel Room 36 Ghost Stories - Most Haunted Castle

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Haunted Hotel Room 36 Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Room 36 - The Most Haunted Bedroom in our Haunted House

Ghost Story: This is the room where the Historian of Most Haunted, Richard Felix, said he awoke and saw an INVISIBLE DOOR during the night, on the wall between this room and the bridal suite (the wall in question is the opposite wall to where the bed is situated in picture below).

He could see a female figure sitting up in his bed. She got up and walked through the door to the right of the bed, into what is now the bridal suite. In the morning, the door was gone, and so was the lady!  

Subsequently, Sue our then Wedding Planner, accompanied by builder and handyperson (also our then Jazz player) Steve, who worked at the castle, both investigated the wall, tapping it.

Near the window, they noted a hollow sound, suggesting there was once a door through to the room next door. This would then have been the chapel room (now the bridal suite
) - and is situated next door to room 36.

Room 36
is pictured below. Could Most Haunted's Historian have witnessed Patti walking from this room into the Chapel? We know the bridal suite's bathroom was the former vestry and that the priest would have entered the Chapel from the other side, which indicates Patti may well have been entering from the opposite (AB36) side.

At the time, the bed was against the opposite wall, so Richard Felix would have sensed the door was beside where he lay, and the Lady would have passed beside him, perhaps pausing to sit on his bed en-route.

Since the bed was moved into its current position, it is not in the path of Adelina and her ghostly apparition has not been seen in the bed again. Indeed non ghost hunting guests have no sense of anything untoward in this room, though it is a popular room with ghost hunters!

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